Springdale: A Brief History

Archeologists believe that there have been people living in the present-day Springdale area for about 12,000 years.

In 1840 a small settlement was established around a log church known as the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, giving the town its original name. During the Civil War, many homes and the church were burned and some families fled to Texas. Though not an original settler, John Holcombe is credited with organizing the small community and laying out the town plats following the Civil War. The community eventually grew large enough to need a post office. However, there was already an Arkansas town named Shiloh, so, due to the abundant local springs, Sarah Reed Meek suggested the name “Springs in the Dale.” The town was incorporated officially as Springdale in 1878.

The arrival of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad in 1881 connected local farmers with distant markets and Springdale became a busy hub for produce to be sold, bought, canned, and shipped around the country. By the 1920s Springdale’s business center had shifted to the area around the railroad tracks and later to Emma Avenue.

Today Springdale is a huge part of the growing and prosperous economic powerhouse that is Northwest Arkansas.

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22 Jun 2015

By TravelHost