Siloam Springs: A Brief History

Our earliest history dates to about 1839 when Simon Sager settled on a farm one mile west of what is now downtown Siloam Springs. The creek flowing through town was named in his honor, "Sager Creek". His 1845 cabin was restored and is now located on the campus of John Brown University.

In 1879 it was discovered that some of the springs flowing into Sager Creek were medicinal, and work was quickly begun to establish a summer resort. J.V. Hargrove laid out the original plat of Siloam City in March 1880, and the first anniversary of the town was celebrated on the 24th of June.  The town was incorporated in the next year as Siloam Springs.

The flood of 1892 took three lives and damaged much of the downtown area. The arrival of the railroad in 1893 brought a sustained period of growth to western Benton County. Orchards, poultry products, hides, wool, beef and other agricultural products found a ready market, with the City of Siloam Springs serving as the shipping point and trade center. This trade center remains today, and is a great advantage to the diverse group of industries with facilities in Siloam Springs.

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22 Jun 2015

By TravelHost