Eureka Springs: A Brief History

The City of Eureka Springs was founded and named on July 4, 1879. As word of Eureka's miraculous, healing waters began to spread, thousands of visitors flocked to the original encampment of tents and hastily built shanties.

By late 1879, the estimated population of Eureka Springs reached 10,000 people and in 1881, the town was declared a "City of the First Class," the fourth largest city in Arkansas.

The Eureka Springs Improvement Company was formed in 1882 to bring the railroad to the city and to develop amenities to service the growing visitor population. The involvement of the ESIC secured Eureka's position as one of the premier resorts of the Victorian era. Thousands of residences and commercial structures were built in two short years. These structures still exist today--so rigorously preserved that the entire town of Eureka Springs is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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22 Jun 2015

By TravelHost