Beaver Lake

Boating, skiing, fshing, swimming and just plain relaxing are popular pursuits at Beaver Lake!

Beaver Lake, completed in 1966 and nestled high in the Ozark Mountains, is located in northwest Arkansas, the birthplace of the White River. The 28,370-acre lake is the frst of the impoundments created in Arkansas and Missouri along the lengthy White River system.

Taking advantage of the natural scenic beauty, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has constructed a variety of recreational facilities. Paved access roads wind through 12 developed parks. There are 2,008 acres of campgrounds and over 650 individual campsites. Visitors can enjoy such conveniences as electricity and fre-rings. Drinking water, showers and restrooms are nearby. Other facilities -- picnic sites, swimming beaches, hiking trails, boat launching ramps, sanitary dump stations, group picnic shelters and amphitheaters -- are also available in the parks.

With 487 miles of shoreline highlighted by limestone bluffs, Beaver Lake offers a world of recreational opportunities. Marinas and outftters are plentiful. Cabins, resorts and other lodging ring the lake, and campgrounds are also available in good number.

Fishing: Beaver Lake offers small mouth bass fshing, largemouth bass fishing, and striper bass fshing, not to mention plentiful supplies of crappie, bream, white bass, channel and spoonbill catfsh. Beaver supports healthy populations for fall striped and hybrid striped bass. November serves up fast-paced action for both of these hard-hitting sportfsh. The lake offers clear-water fshing at its north end and dingy water fshing in the tributaries fowing in from the south. When quick rises in its level move muddy water northward, the lake’s midsection often produces outstanding shallow-water fshing.
Beaver Lake has given up several 40-pound-plus state-record stripers. In spring, these huge fsh may be scattered all over the lake, but there are some areas and methods you can count on. One prime hot spot
encompasses the huge fats near where the White River and War Eagle join in the upper portion of Beaver. The main river channel averages from 10 to 30 feet in depth. Beaver’s spring stripers always
can be found somewhere in this vicinity.

Creek mouths are among the best striper and hybrid fshing areas on 28,000-acre Beaver Lake, especially in summer. Some worth checking out include War Eagle Creek, the White River, Ford’s Creek, Cedar Creek and Rambo Creek. The hybrid daily limit is three on Beaver LaThree-fourths of Beaver Lake is in Benton County, the remainder in Carroll County.  For more information call 479-636-1210 or visit us online at

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19 Jun 2018

By TravelHost Contributing Writer